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Atheism and Rationalism in Punjab. Balwinder Barnala and Kaja Bryx


Chief of the Tarksheel (Rationalist) Society Punjab and National Secretary of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, Balwinder Barnala, presents the work of rationalists in the Indian state of Punjab, which includes promoting science and critical thinking through their magazine and books, as well as ridiculizing superstition and standing against the saints, yogis, psychics, fortune tellers and others who claim they have acquired miraculous powers through spiritual exercises. From this short interview you can also learn about the meaning of the turban.

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  1. Piotr Napierała
    Piotr Napierała
    29 sierpnia 2017 at 21:20 - odpowiedz

    Is it rational to wear this uncomfortable hat? : )

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