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Believing in Biology. The Religious Imagination of Living Things. Gerald Ostdiek

Luty 8 @ 19:00 - 20:00

"Believing in Biology: The Religious Imagination of Living Things (Including People)"
Conventional notions of religion place it beyond the range of empirical study and immune to criticism: and yet hold it as a valid means of knowing. It is said to function as a telescope, bringing into perception otherwise unimaginable objects. But religious perception shows no consistency beyond that of commonly held culture; and we reject this notion empirically. Following the entailments of Darwin’s Ontology, I argue that religion (as well as knowing) is a matter of biology. It functions as a channeling of interpretation and results in behavior. Religious faith is animal behavior, i.e., acting on perception sans critical analysis. To act on faith is to embrace the animal self and the whims of Darwin's jungle. To embrace skepticism is to act upon that which is most uniquely human – the resources of self-reflection, philosophy and science, which serve to fact-check our perceptions and lead to more competent believing. VIDEO


Luty 8
19:00 - 20:00