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Best book to learn python?

Główna Fora Książki Best book to learn python?

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    Since python is the language preferred/intended by the RasPi foundation, I thought I’d learn it. I’ve been going through the tutorial on the python site which is good, but in the past I have learnt programming languages from books. I like to get away from the screen as I stare at screens far too long already.
    I’ve got some programming experience – starting with commodore pet 8k on BASIC, through BBC and Spectrum BASIC, onto REXX then QBASIC, then PERL and a bit of Javascript, with a large helping of HTML4. My most advanced stuff has been in PERL. (Banner serving and shopping cart – and several other web back-end scripts).Any suggestions? A popular recommendation is Dive into Python. Any others? I might just do something very old-fashioned and visit a high-street bookshop to look through the titles. (Haven’t bought a book in a shop for years LOL).I am interested in tutorials too, but I want a book. Also, are there any applications in the pipeline to support learning python on the Pi?

    Please help.

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