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Economy dropped from 100 to 0

Główna Fora Gospodarka Economy dropped from 100 to 0

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    What socialistic nonsense,” retorts Finance Minister @@RANDOMNAME@@, taking a break from scowling at jobless protesters. „That food price shock wasn’t because of too little government meddling. The real cause was bad planning, a side-effect of half-baked subsidies. The market is smarter than a bunch of bureaucrats, so we should cut all subsidies propping up enterprises that don’t turn a real profit. And if some people still can’t find bread, then let them eat cake.””This had the effect of dropping my economic rating from 100 down to 0. I know that „My decision had unintended consequences!” is covered in the FAQ but this problem is a little different because Admin [violet] acknowledged that this dramatic reduction was a glitch.The issue has since been rectified so others will not suffer such a perilous drop, but unfortunately my economic rating is still 0.Is there anything that can be done to change this situation for my nation? I wouldn’t usually complain, I’m used to dealing with unintended consequences for my nation (It’s half the fun of NS) but seeing as this time it’s been acknowledged to be a glitch I feel a little hard done by. I’ve spent over a decade getting my economic rating up so I do feel this is a tad unfair.Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your response.

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