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Effect of food digestion and protein

Główna Fora Zdrowie i medycyna Effect of food digestion and protein

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    Over the last 30-40 years a lot of money has been spent on both trying to find a cure for parkinsons and bringing new drugs to market. I would like to see more money spent on research into finding a way to overcome the performance issues of current levadopa drugs in relation to protein and digestive interaction. This is a major problem, particularly after you’ve been taking levadopa for several years. Personally for me after 11 years living with parkinsons i find this to be my number one concern. I have tried all the usual stuff like, „avoid protein diets” and i use domperidone to help empty my stomach more quickly etc etc.
    What i would really like is a levadopa drug that gets to my brain without running the gauntlet of the digestive system of being impacted by me eating cheese on toast for my lunch. Surly in this day and age and with money to burn, pressure could be put on the drug industry to find a way of overcoming this issue. On the few occasions thesedays my levadopa medication is not impacted by the protein/digestive/stomach problem i feel great and almost symptom free.
    Maybe the drug companies should develop a spray form of levadopa, one that you can inhale so it goes straight to the brain and not via your digestive system?

    Please help.

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