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Secularism and Enlightenment. A historical view on Western values. Piotr Napierała, Ph D


The term "Enlightenment" emerged in English in the later part of the 19th century, with particular reference to French philosophy, as the equivalent of the French term 'Lumières' (used first by Dubos in 1733 and already well established by 1751). From Immanuel Kant's 1784 essay "Beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklärung?" ("Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment?") the German term became 'Aufklärung' (aufklären = to illuminate; sich aufklären = to clear up). However, scholars have never agreed on a definition of the Enlightenment, or on its chronological or geographical extent. Terms like "les Lumières" (French), "illuminismo" (Italian), "ilustración" (Spanish) and "Aufklärung" (German) referred to partly overlapping movements. Not until the late nineteenth century did English scholars agree they were talking about "the Enlightenment."

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  1. Krzysztof Marczak
    19 stycznia 2017 at 01:48 - odpowiedz

    That's pretty awesome, congrats. 

  2. Piotr Napierała
    Piotr Napierała
    19 stycznia 2017 at 08:48 - odpowiedz


  3. Janusz
    27 stycznia 2017 at 23:15 - odpowiedz

    There is nothing more needed now than New Enlightment.

    The current world is full of cectarian fights, ignorance and prejudice.

    This comment gives me an opportunity for suggesting  that we should address each other ny first names and avoid using titles .It might be reasonable to mention title of a new author of essay or comment. But for oldtimer well known by readers of Racjonalista adding title to the name serves no purpose. 



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