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Africa and music. Sona Jobarteh and Kaja Bryx


Sona Jobarteh is the first female Kora virtuoso to come from a prestigious west African Griot family. Breaking away from tradition, she is a modern day pioneer in an ancient, male-dominated hereditary tradition that has been exclusively handed down from father to son for the past seven centuries. Also a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalists, Sona is one of the most exciting new talents from the West African Griot tradition to hit the stage in recent years. Sona has an effortless ability to blend musical styles and uses her innovative stance to talk about issues to do with cultural identity, gender, love and respect whilst still adhering to and rooting herself firmly in her traditional cultural heritage. Sona represents her tradition in a way that is easily accessible to her audiences from around the world, who are drawn in by her captivating voice, strong rhythms and catchy melodies.  From Sona Jobarteh website: http://www.sonajobarteh.com/

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3 komentarze

  1. Krzysztof Marczak
    21 czerwca 2016 at 15:02 - odpowiedz

    Thank you. Got something I can show to our American humanist friends along with a piece of beautiful music.

  2. Janusz
    24 czerwca 2016 at 05:30 - odpowiedz

    Congratulations Kaja.
    This video is not only intetersting but well done.
    Your English is clear and perfectly correct.
    I hope you will do more along this theme.
    You have exceeded my expectations that were not low.
    I love Jazz music and this music have resembled a bit
    the classic jazz.

  3. Kaja Bryx
    Kaja Bryx
    28 września 2016 at 12:45 - odpowiedz

    Thank you 🙂

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