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Meta – Memetic Thinking. Diego Fontanive and Kaja Bryx



Diego Fontanive, born in Venice, Italy, 1973, has a background in Political Science, Sociology, Critical Thinking and Psychology. His main concern and field of research are the flawed systems such as for example religion, ideologies, dogmatic thinking and unquestioned common sense, that reduce our ability to think properly, therefore resulting in irrational psychological suffering, logical fallacies, biased cognitive approaches, meta-ignorance regarding our epistemic acceptances and various social iniquities. After becoming familiar with the contradictions embedded within the decaying, fallacious and conditioned structures of society, it became important for him to inquire, study and explain how all systems that come from ideologies, not just religions, fragment and warp our cognitive and psycho-social understanding of reality. Diego is a speaker and writer as well he is the founder and president of the organization EOF Project. He is also the creator and tutor of the critical thinking course 'All In the Mind' (different levels) for the Cambridge e-Learning Institute, Cambridge, UK. He is also board director of AAI (Atheist Alliance International) which is recognised by the United Nations. He wrote numerous articles for prominent members of the psychological community, sociological institutions, social science conferences and the U.N. Recent speeches and published articles involved the University of St, Cloud, Minnesota, US, (‘Survive and Thrive’ organisation related to the State University of St. Cloud), with a publication about the relevance of logical thinking throughout the aftermath of a cardiac arrest and a speech/publication at the conference ‘7th EIO conference ‘Europe inside-out: Europe and Europeanness exposed to plural observers’, 28, 29. 04. 2017. He is currently working on his first professional documentary called ‘All Is Not Well, an investigation into the gamble we play with our psyche’ which is a documentary about beliefs, the state of critical thinking, memetics and meta-cognition.


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  1. Ireneusz Kozak
    29 lipca 2017 at 14:01 - odpowiedz

    Ciekawe jest w ogóle to słynne zjawisko wyjazdów do Indii w celu doznania oświecenia. Doczekało się to nawet jakiejś "fachowej" nazwy – syndrom kogoś tam, nie pamiętam niestety nazwiska… Najsłynniejszym bodajże człowiekiem, który uległ temu zjawisku był znany współzałożyciel firmy apple, Steve Jobs, który oprócz tego zmarł na raka trzustki, czego przyczyn można by się było doszukiwać w jego ekscentryzmach, związanych z dietą "oczyszczającą organizm z toksyn" – jechał na jabłkach i marchewkach, nie mył się i nie stosował dezodorantów.  

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